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E-Learning courses: good scientific praxis in the doctorate

How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources? Answers to questions about working correctly are provided in the eLearning course "Good Academic Practice During Doctoral Studies" in German and English.


GRADE, the graduate academy of the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt has designed an interdisciplinary course which conveys the most important aspects of good scientific praxis in an interactive way.


Also more doctorate topics are covered: How to plan and organize the research plans in an useful way or which legal aspects, like in the labour law and copyright, are relevant for Ph.D. students.


Five modules are available, containing comprehensive information, tests to check the knowledge gained as well as supplementary information materials. To pass all modules it needs about 60 minutes.


Members of the Nachwuchsring receive free licenses for participating the course. Those can be obtained by a short informal e-mail request. (info(at)nachwuchsring.uni-kl.de)


After finishing the course there is the possibility to receive a certificate.


The contents of the course are descripted on the GRADE-website 



eDSL: online courses to selflearning and methodical expertices

The self-learning centre of the TU Kaiserslautern offers the participation to the following courses to the employees of TUK:

  • presenting online successfully
  • online communication and moderation (supervised online course)
  • Work life learn balance (supervised online course)
  • Learning active and reflexive (self-learning module)
  • Structuring information and enlarge knowledge (self-learning module)
  • Time- and self-management (self-learning module)

These courses are for free and serve the further development of the own competences. The participation in the unsupervised courses is possible at any time. The supervised courses have a term of up about 6 weeks and take place one to two times in a semester.

Here you find the dates  https://www.uni-kl.de/slz/edsl/betreute-online-kurse/

A successful participation will be confirmed through a certificate of attendance.


If interested, please get in contact with the self-learning centre.

Contact person is Anja Horn  a.horn[at]disc.uni-kl.de

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