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Membership in the TU-Nachwuchsring

Ph.D. students, postdocs, junior professors and junior research group leaders who are members of the TU-Nachwuchsring have priority over events and other offers of the TU-Nachwuchsring. On this page you will find information on which doctoral programs are already members of the Nachwuchsring and how to apply for membership.

Apply for membership


Faculties/coordinated programs applying for the membership should state in their application for accredation the implemantation of the following criteria in their Ph.D. program:

  • Description of the subject-specific requirements during the Ph.D.
  • Description of the soft skills during the Ph.D.
  • Speaker of the Ph.D. program
  • Representive of the doctoral candidates
  • Administration of the doctoral candidates
  • supervision agreement
  • Measures for internationalisation

If you have any questions regarding the requirements and the application procedure, please contact the   administration office or committee of accreditation.

All postdocs, junior professors and junior group leaders, tenure-track professors and other other young researchers with doctorates who meet the general criteria for participating in our offerings are invited to register informally as individual members at the office of the TU-Nachwuchsring (gf[at]nachwuchsring.uni-kl.de). Just send us a short mail!



Ph.D. students are members of the Nachwuchsring via the doctoral program of their department, graduate school, SFB or by belonging to the research initiative of Rhineland-Palatinate or university potential areas (see current list of members). Individual membership is not possible.

Membership questions and answers

If you meet the general conditions of the TU-Nachwuchsring of a young researcher with a doctorate, you are invited to register informally and free of charge as an individual member at the office of the TU-Nachwuchsring (gf@nachwuchsring.uni-kl.de).Please contact us if you have any questions!

 All doctoral students of the participating TUK doctoral programmes are automatically members of the TU-Nachwuchsring. On this page you will find an overview of all faculties and doctoral programmes that are already members of the TU-Nachwuchsring.


All faculties and all third-party funded programs can apply for membership in the TU-Nachwuchsring with their doctoral programs. Ph.D. students become members as soon as their respective doctoral program have been accredited as members of the Nachwuchsring.


Every young scientist at the TUK can take advantage of the services offered by the Nachwuchsring. However, members are given priority in the allocation of, for example, workshop places.

Membership in numbers

Currently, doctoral programs of 9 TUK faculties as well as 4 third party funded doctoral programs and 11 profile areas, priority areas of the Research Initiative of Rhineland-Palatinate and the university are members of the TU-Nachwuchsring.

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