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"Coaching is the professional consultation, accompaniment and support of people with leadership / control functions and of experts in companies / organizations. (…)

A fundamental feature of professional coaching is the promotion of self-reflection and self-awareness and the self-directed expansion or improvement of the client's possibilities with regard to perception, experience and behaviour".

Source: German Federal Association Coaching e.V.

Individual Coaching for postdocs and junior professors

Postdocs and junior professors of the TUK can apply for individual coaching at the TU-Nachwuchsring. Coachings that support you in your professional development or help you to find a balance between career and family are supported.

A rate of 1,500€ per person and year is made available. The sponsored students can choose their coach from a pool of coaches offered by the TU Nachwuchsring.

Documents to be submitted: 

  • Letter of motivation (approx. half a page, personal data on a separate sheet)
  • curriculum vitae

Your applications will be forwarded in anonymous form to the board of the TU-Nachwuchsring for decision.


Please apply to the administration office of the TU-Nachwuchsring (Dr. Inga Nissen, gf(at)nachwuchsring.uni-kl.de) up to one month before the desired start of coaching.



Download Application documents

Application form "Coaching" (German/English)

Call for Applications "Coaching" (German/ English)

Coaching offers of the self study centre


The coaching is aimed at junior professors, doctoral students and scientific staff of the TUK. If you are interested and have questions, please contact Dr. Dorit Günther and Benedikt Knerr: lerncoaching[at]disc.uni-kl.de

The dates can be found on the website of the self-study centre.

The self-study centre offers the following two formats:

(possible at any time)

  • Coaching for junior professors
  • Coaching for doctoral and postgraduate students / young academics

This individual coaching can be requested by doctoral candidates, for example, in the context of the following requirements: Stage fright before attending a congress, help in preparing lectures, fear of lectures at conferences, etc., fear of exams in the context of the rigorosum. Of course, the necessary anonymity and confidentiality will be maintained in all these formats.

If you are interested, please contact the self-study centre directly.Your contact is Dr. Dorit Günther: lerncoaching(at)disc.uni-kl.de

This offer is a format of collegial counselling in which doctoral students reflect on specific problems from their daily work (in interaction with their personal life situation) in a systematic and result-oriented way. Coaches with university experience accompany the participants as external moderators in their joint search for solutions to the concerns raised by the case givers.

The collegial case consultation can be requested by small groups (from 3 persons) or individually.

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