Network for the promotion of young scientists!

Our board and its committees

More than 20 Ph.D. students, postdocs and junior professors from all disciplines are now involved in the board of the Nachwuchsring according to the motto "by and for young scientists". They develop a wide variety of funding measures in committees, ranging from financial support options to a continuing education program specially tailored to young scientists. 



Sabine Becker (junior professor in faculty chemistry, NanoKat)

Aneta Daxinger (SFB/TRR 173 Spin+X)

Vera Eymann (AI Enhanced Cognition and Learning)

Sabine Filker (BioComp)

Florian Fuchs (Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

Sylvia Gerwalin (Fraunhofer ITWM), advisory as a guest

David Glück (Biologie, IRTG 1830)

Mark Hlawitschka (faculty mechanical and process engineering, CM2)

Linda Hofherr (SFB 926), deputy spokesperson

Michael Hohenstein (faculty Computer science)

Andreas Lange (IRTG 2057, ZNT)

Volker Ludwig (faculty social science)

Kirsten Mangels (faculty spatial and environmental planning, Region and city)

David May (IVW, advisory as a guest)

Maximilian Mertin (Fachbereich Mathematik)

Inga Nissen (managing director TU-Nachwuchsring)

Alexandra Pokhlestova (GRK 1932)

Christopher Robeller (Junior professor in faculty architecture)

Hagen Salewski (CoVaCo)

Annika Steiner (3MET SFB/TRR 88), spokesperson

Judith Stiefelmaier (Fachbereich Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik)

Anja Tusch (FB Bauingenieurwesen/ Helmut-Bode-Kolleg)

Felix Willmund (faculty biology, BioComp)

Maximilian Wolkersdorfer (faculty social science, Cognitive Dynamics) 


All young scientists are invited to participate as external members in the committees of the TU-Nachwuchsring! If you are interested please contact the administration office : Dr. Inga Nissen, gf(at)nachwuchsring.uni-kl.de

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